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The fascinating power of production.
Production of the BMW 7series in Dingolfing (Germany)

The fascinating power of production

The BMW Plant in Dingolfing: Flexible manufacture of automobiles at its finest.

From the steel roll to the body-in-white.

Throwing a glance at colours.

Customized for the customer.

Making available superior comfort – The production of seats exemplified.

Quick processes: Punctual, prompt, appropriate.

The BMW Plant in Dingolfing: A survey – Milestones on the way to success.

General conspectus: Pictures from the BMW Plant in Dingolfing



1967 The Hans Glas GmbH is taken over by the BMW AG
1968 Some parts of production are transferred from Munich to Dingolfing
1969 Phase-out of the Glas vehicle production, the Eicher company takes over from Glas the production of agricultural machines.


1970 Cut of the spade for the BMW Plan 2.4 by Dr. Alfons Goppel, Bavaria's former minister-president.
1971 The production of remanufactured units is transferred from Dingolfing to Landshut
1972 The Eicher plant in Dingolfing is taken over by BMW. The first press lines are commissioned in the new press shop
1973 The first BMW vehicle produced in Dingolfing comes off the assembly time.
1974 Production is increased to 100 automobiles/day with 6,300 employees
1975 100,000 BMW cars manufactured in Dingolfing.
1976 Special shifts and 360 units/day body-in-white assembly and final assembly extended for the first time
1977 10,000 employees at the Dingolfing Plant. Start of production of the 6 Series and 7 Series models
1978 Cut of the spade for the new office building. The high-rise warehouse in plant 2.2 starts operations.
1979 500,000 BMW automobiles "Made in Dingolfing".


1980 3 Series models enter the Dingolfing production program.
1981 Production of the second generation 5 Series model starts - 566,070 units of the previous model were produced in Dingolfing.
1982 The millionth BMW vehicle produced in Dingolfing comes off the production line.
1983 The first diesel automobile (524td) comes off the Dingolfing production line.
1984 The strike in the metal industry paralyses the Dingolfing Plant for 33 days.
1985 The number of Dingolfing-produced rises to 1.5 million vehicles.
1986 Launch of the new 7 model series.
1987 2million BMW cars have so far been produced in Dingolfing. The new 7 Series model features a 12-cylinder engine, a BMW first
1988 The third generation 5 Series model takes the place of its predecessor.
1989 Commencement of production of the 8 Series model with the 850i Coupé.


1990 The 200,000 vehicle of the 7 Series is build.
1991 The Dingolfing BMW production rises to a total of 3 million vehicles.
1992 The BMW Plant in Dingolfing celebrates its 25th anniversary; Plant 2.1 is named "plant of the year", thus ranking first amongst 200 competing plants.
1993 1million units of the current 5 Series model have been produced.
1994 The new 7 Series model takes the place of its predecessor.
1995 The production of the fourth generation 5 Series model is taken up.   J. D. Power Plant Award in Silver for the Dingolfing Plant. 2.5 million 5 Series vehicles have come off the production line.
1996 4million BMW automobiles so far produced in Dingolfing. The new paint shop starts operations.
1997 Commencement of production and launch of the new 5 Series touring model.
1998 4.5 million BMW automobiles from Dingolfing. 3 million of which are 5 Series vehicles. J. D. Power Plant Award in Platinium for the Dingolfing Plant.
1999 J. D. Power Plant Award in Gold for the Dingolfing Plant - Europe's best plant.

from 2000.

2000 5 million BMW automobiles porduced in Dingolfing
2001 Production of the fourth generation 7 Series models is taken up. J. D. Power Plant Award goes to the Dingolfing Plant for the fifth time.

BMW Plant in Dingolfing: Figures.
Employees: 21,000
Daily production: up to 1,300 units
Range of products: 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, M5, Z8 (painted body-in-white)
Parts and components for the BMW Group's network
BMW Neuheiten
Der neue BMW M5.
BMW M5 (G90, ab 2024)

Der neue BMW X3.
BMW X3 (G45, ab 2024)

Der neue BMW M2 (Facelift 2024).
BMW M2 (G87 LCI, ab 2024)

Das neue BMW 2er Coupé (Facelift 2024).
BMW 2er Coupé (G42N, ab 2024)

Der neue MINI Cooper 5-Türer.
MINI, 5-Türer (F65, ab 2024)

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Source: BMW Group. March 2002.

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